Some of my clients say things like, “I don’t wear shorts anymore.” Well, in my book that is just silly! Especially if you live in Santa Barbara, California, why would you suffer in the heat? There is definitely a pair of shorts for everyone. Find out which style of shorts best suits you!

The Boyfriend Short

The Boyfriend short is basically a ladies best friend. All ages can wear the boyfriend short. I love that there is a stylish yet comfortable go to short for all of us.


The Capri Short

The Capri short (Bermuda) is for those of you that have sworn off shorts. This is the next best thing to pants. Not quit pants, not quit shorts.  It also, has an appealing dressed up quality and is a perfect way to stay cool on those hot days without exposing to much skin.


The Preppy Short

The Preppy short is for all ages that enjoy a conservative yet sporty look. They are not too short but not as long as a capri short (Bermuda). This pair of shorts is crisp, clean, and timeless for all ages.

How to Style Short Shorts

The Short-Shorts

The Short-Shorts are for those ladies that will always look good in short shorts and all I have to say is hats off to you! No matter what age you are if you look good and feel good then wear it! Why hide what God gave you? All we have is now.