Not only are sneakers comfortable, good for our backs and feet, but stylish! Sneakers have come a long way! There are so many ways to wear sneakers and pretty much anything goes these days. I also think they are the one fashion piece that is truly ageless- meaning we can all wear them at any age! There are 4 styles of sneakers that everyone needs to complete their wardrobe.

sporty-sneaker-2 sporty-sneaker-1

The Sporty Sneaker

The Sports Sneaker is something that really has come into fashion and can I just say, “Thank God?” You mean I actually can be comfortable and stylish? Now not only in the gym do we wear these, but on the street and we look good doing it!

fashion-sneaker-1 fashion-sneaker-2

The Fashion Sneaker

The Fashion Sneaker is that special statement sneak for your wardrobe. It is usually a metallic, a print, or a pop of color. This is something that we wear when we are being playful with our look and not being so serious. I believe all ages can wear this style.

preppy-sneaker-1 preppy-sneaker-2

The Preppy Sneaker

The Preppy Sneaker in my mind is that perfectly, clean, white sneaker. For the ones that are brave enough to wear white and not be afraid of getting a little dirty (dirty is in don’t you know?). They are a fresh look and if you are afraid of getting them dirty, I suggest getting a white leather sneaker. They are easier to clean and the dirt rubs off. For the rest of us? Brave the canvas white at little more modest a price. You can always spot treat them or run them under the sink with a little soap to keep them bright.

urban-sneaker-lauren-hutton urban-sneaker-2

The Urban Sneaker

The Urban Sneaker is that sneaker that goes with anything. It is not a Sporty sneaker, or Fashion sneaker, or “clean” Preppy sneaker. It is usually a Converse, Adidas, or Golden Goose style. It can be neutral in color but, I usually think black, blue, or grey. Just throw on and go!