In this day in age, sunblock is a must. This is coming from a born and raised Southern Californian Santa Barbara sun worshipper. I don’t disagree that the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin is hard to beat. So, if you are like me and refuse to not enjoy the sun and water, finding the right sunblock that you love is EVERYTHING.

Some of my top facial sunblock picks are:

Tizo, Obagi, Coola, Glossier Invisble Shield, Supergoop!

2. Choose Make-up Products with SPF

If you still are not on the sunblock team, at least or in addition to your daily sunblock dose, use make-up products with SPF in them. The added protection or in some cases only protection from the sun, is there. I like using lip products that have SPF as well as foundation with SPF. A wonderful combination of the two is finding the perfectly tinted sunblock that can work as both.

Some of my top favorite make-up products with SPF our:

Beautycounter Dew Skin, Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid, Tizo Lip, Fresh Sugar Sport Balm

3. Wear Head Protection

This one is pretty self explanatory, wear a hat. Whether that be a visor, ballcap, strawhat, pool hat, wear it. Period.

4. Make it Easy

Sunblock should not be an afterthought. Having easy applicable sunblock products ready and within reach, never leaves you wishing you had put on sunblock before leaving the house. If it is not apart of your daily routine, throw a travel size in with your make-up pouch or purse. This is wonderful for re-applying sunblock but also for those of us that forgot to put the damn sunblock on in the first place. Hey, I get it. We are busy. So make it easy on yourself.

Some of my top favorite travel size sunscreens:

Beauty Counter Mineral Sunscreen Stick, Vive Sana, Glossier Sunscreen, Shishiedo Ultimate Sunscreen, Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral

5. Cover Your Bases

Sunblock is not for the face and neck only. Any skin exposed should be properly protected from the sun. Make sure your body is lathered up with your favorite body sunscreen. An extra tip: If you can, it is recommended to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before an activity in the sun. This gives the sunblock time to absorb into your skin and properly protect you.

These are my top favorite body sunscreen products:

Babo Botanicals, Juice Beauty Sport, Beauty Counter CoutnerSun Mist