Let’s get real. For some of us, just literally washing our hair is a great feet. Not all of us, have the time, lifestyle, or currency to invest in a professional blow out. Spending a few extra minutes in the morning can make all the difference.  You will feel great using these 5 helpful tips.

1. Enter the day and age of Dry Shampoo. I am certainly not suggesting this instead of washing your hair, but it is a great option if you are letting your hair go unwashed for the day.

2. The Right Product. I have long hair so really try not to use dry shampoo. I actually like the look of bed head, messy long hair.  However, when done without product, your hair (or I should say mine) just looks unruly and sadly unpolished. I am loving the Ouai Wave Spray.  It can be used on wet or dry hair, which is a plus.

Bonus tip, Prep the hair. Wash your hair like normal the night before and make two braids with your damp hair. Twist them together and then undo them in the morning for wavy beautiful bedhead, messy hair.

3. Invest in a Straightener. If you are not a fan of the bedhead look, a straightener helps fly aways and makes your hair look instantly slick and styled with out much effort.

4. Styling Helps. If you actually have time, pulling your hair into a pony tail or high fashion bun doesn’t have to be complicated. It actually can be really quick and simple and made to look put together. Wrapping a strand of your own hair to cover the hair tie and throwing some product down to laminate fly aways instantly looks polished and chic.

5. Forget about it.  A hat or scarf will do the trick. Cover that mop up and look fabulous doing so! No one will know your secret…