How to Choose the Perfect Leather Jacket

1. Determine what color best fits your wardrobe. If this is a first time purchase, it is best to go with black, cognac, beige, navy, or grey. Adding a pop color like red, pink, green, yellow, or white, can be integrated later on into your wardrobe. This is a good idea for someone that already has the basics covered.

2. Do your brand research. Some of my favorite brands for leather jackets, include, Muubaa, Veda, Doma, and Iro. If budget is an issue, Zara has quality leather goods at a reasonable price.

3. Decide on a leather jacket style that best suits you. One of the biggest mistakes that I see my clients make, is picking an over embellished jacket when they do not have a classic jacket to start with! Listen, I am all for embellishment, but there is a time and a place to wear them. The jackets with studs, zippers, and fringe are not everyday. This in my mind is for those of you that already have a classic jacket, a pop of color jacket, and now you are ready for the statement designer jackets with studs, fringe, ruffles, and zippers.

4. Find a well tailored leather jacket that fits your body type. Things to look for: light weight, plush leather, lined jackets with silk or cotton, sleeves that have extra give with a cotton panel so they are fitted but comfortable to wear or/and have a zipper at the cuff of the sleeves for a looser fit when layering, and lastly a removable hood for two different looks in one.

5. Key things to avoid while searching for your leather jacket: boxy fits, overly heavy leather, jackets that are not lined, zippers that are too heavy for the leather which cause drooping and also can cause holes after wear, and stir clear of over dramatic, hardware, collars, and shoulder pads.

6. Lastly, the length. The best place a jacket can hit your body depending on your shape and height, is at your waist or at your hips. Of course this sometimes depends, on your height and shape. After trying a few different, styles, and brands you will start to see what works for you.

The leather jacket is a definite staple piece, timeless, and a must have for a truly complete wardrobe. It can elevate an outfit, give it more edge, or create a more casual look. Good luck jacket hunting and in the mean time see my favorite leather jacket style picks below.


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