How to Style a Dress

How to wear a dress is probably my most challenging styling advice. Mostly because, I myself, do not wear dresses. I admire dresses, I buy dresses, and I dream about where I am wearing dresses, yet they never seem to make their way into my daily wardrobe.

So, something occurred to me one day when I complimented a co-worker on how pretty she always looks wearing dresses. I told her how I wished I could dress more feminine like that. Her response was, “I am lazy. A dress is a dress.” And she is right. There is no worrying about a top, a jacket to pair with the top and bottoms, not to mention accessories like belts, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and hats. That in itself is a whole lot more work. Wow. Who knew she was a genius.

Well, the truth is there still is a little bit of work that goes into wearing a dress.

1. You need to determine what dress best suits your body. This is when boobs become a factor because let’s be honest for those of us that have them, they can kind of ruin the look of an outfit and dare I say it, make us look fat? I found the best types of dresses for ladies with curves, is a fitted tailored dress. One that hugs the body so, your true shape really shines. Women who are lucky enough to not worry about this, are the fortunate ones that can just about wear any kind of dress you like, strapless, flowy, spaghetti straps, you name it!

This is not to say that you can not wear the following dresses when you are on the bustier side, it just takes you a little more effort than those that don’t have as much going on up top.

Strapless dresses should be on the short side to show your legs so your body doesn’t become shapeless.

Long flowy dresses, should have the waist taken in with a belt or draw string accent.

Spaghetti strap dresses, need to have a thicker strap to hide a bra because let’s face it strapless bras are a joke for us busty ladies.

Fitted dresses, should be tailored and have forgiving fabric.

2. After you have determined what dresses best suit you, you still need a few important details to have a polished look. Accessories are key.

A Jacket, Wrap, or Shawl to stay warm at night.

Jewelry depending on the occasion and dress.

Lastly, the proper shoes, which is a whole other blog post.

3. Find a brand that works for you. This may seem like a ploy to make you buy designer duds but honestly some brands just work better than others for fit when it comes to dresses.

I found that for most women Diane Von Furstenberg almost always is flattering.

If you are like me and want to start wearing more dresses, now you have the tools to get started. I would like to recommend my favorite designer discount sites to check out for those that want to play with the idea of wearing dresses. Try out some styles to get more comfortable in before splurging on full priced dresses!

Here are a couple of my favorite designer discount sites to check out for dresses:





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