Many of my clients love the idea of a hat more than actually love wearing a hat. But, let us think of it this way, besides you looking super cute, hats protect your skin from sun damage, can keep you cool, can keep you warm, and can help complete the perfect stylish outfit! There are 4 styles of hats that you need to incorporate into your wardrobe.

The Sun Hat


The Sun hat is key, especially if you live in California. But, even if you do not, you need a sun hat when vacationing somewhere tropical, near a body of water, and during the Spring/Summer Seasons. This is my favorite type of hat. You are stylish and most likely laying on the sand somewhere or by a pool in the sun.

The Winter Hat


The Winter hat is key, especially during the rainy season, snow fall, wind, and is a style plus to a fall outfit. Depending on the color and style you choose, you can transform your looks into Boho, East Coast Chic, or Urban Ready.

The Knit Hat


The Knit hat is key, during those cold months! It is there to keep you warm. I suggest picking a neutral hat or choosing the complete opposite and picking a pop of color! A neutral can easily be incorporated with your existing wardrobe color palate. A pop of color is something, bright, like red, cobalt blue, yellow. I would stick to primary colors when picking a pop of color. They are easy to mix into a wardrobe and a definite statement piece.

The Sports Hat

Sports Hat New - 1sports-hat-2

The Sports hat is key, when working out or running errands around town. I love a leather cap, or pleather cap for style and running around town casually. A sports cap can be fun to show your team spirit, and wear when actually working out! It is a must for sun protection for outdoor sports and easy to add onto a casual outfit for running errands about town.

The Bonus Hat:


Okay, I know I said you only need 4 hats but, I really like being in the water so the bonus hat would be one that you can jump in the pool with, lay on a floatie with, or wear while being dragged by a boat laying on an inner tube. This is a hat that you can throw in a travel bag or suit case and not worry about it getting smushed.  It is usually, made of nylon or cotton and a definite favorite of mine!